Saturday, August 6, 2011


by Amrita Simon

Cow's milk has Calcium, the way nature intended it.....FOR CALVES” said Harvey Diamond in his ground breaking book on Health and Nutrition- Fit for Life.

For this voracious critic of milk, there is a grand purpose of mother nature and there is a reason why all mammals have milk available at the birth of their young.

Each species milk is uniquely beneficial for that specific species.

His logic makes sense,think about it.... how many of us have seen a calf drink a buffalo's milk or a puppy drink a cat's milk?

Animals do not drink the milk of another species.

The only species which does that, is the Human species.

Once weaned, animals stop having milk. At this point Mr Diamond, specifies that pets and animals in the Zoo are an exception because they have no option but to consume what we offer them.

"Cow milk is designed to create a huge big boned animal with four stomachs and there is no way humans meet those criteria....

Eating Dairy products is eating a product designed to make you very big, like a cow, very fast. Cow milk is for baby is idiocy to insist we continue to drink it after infancy right into our eighties (if we can get that far). Are we actually to believe that when our mothers finish, the cows should take over?" he argues.

According to Mr Diamond's second book Fit for Life II - Living Health, Dairy products cause a plethora of diseases and should be consumed only if one wants to be ill.

He says- “Dietitians and Nutritionists who say otherwise either don't know enough or are simply mouthpieces for the Dairy Industry. Diseases like Obesity, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, frequent Colds,Runny noses, and Ear infections are all primarily caused by Dairy products.”

He further explains “Milk causes more mucous than any other food, thick dense mucous that clogs and irritates the body's entire respiratory system”

He is definitely on to something there because some studies do claim that Cheese is linked to Migraines.

The truth is that people consume Dairy products in the misguided notion that it is healthy, an important food group and they get their Calcium from it.

In reality nothing could be further from the truth. Milk has two elements that need to be broken down by enzymes in the body. They are Lactose and Casein.

Lactose needs the enzyme Lactase and Casein needs Renin which is absent in the human body by the age three or four, which is why milk gets so indigestible by the time we pass that age,and we hear so much about some people being lactose intolerant.

Mr Diamond spells it out “Over 98% of the population is lactose intolerant”

He is not alone.

According to the late N.W Walker, (who authored and researched Nutrition and Healthy living and who lived to a ripe age of 109 years himself) the Casein in milk was directly linked to Goiter growth and other Thyroid gland diseases.

Christina Pirello, a Natural foods expert has this to say: “Milk clogs arteries, contributing to Heart disease. The Estrogen and other hormones being fed to cows has been linked to Breast and Prostrate Cancer as well as the onset of Early Puberty.

Another condition that Dairy products worsen are, Stomach Ulcers. For years people have been asked to drink cold milk for Ulcers and Acidity which is odd because all Dairy products (other than Butter and Ghee,they are simply fats) are very acid forming and the very LAST thing an Ulcer patient should have.

According to authors Oski and Bell in their book titled 'Don't drink your milk', Dairy products are linked to Anemia in children, Allergies, Stomach Cramps, Diarrhea and Multiple Sclerosis.

In fact Dr Oski, former Physician-in-Chief of the Johns Hopkins Children Center, actually got the American Academy of Pediatrics to admit that 'Maybe children should be discouraged from milk drinking'.

In a significant 30 year study by the late Dr. Roy Swank at the University of Oregon, a low milk and animal fat diet in Multiple Sclerosis patients arrested the progress of the disease almost miraculously.

In another study in Hawaii, Researchers found a direct link between milk drinking and Parkinson’s disease in, Middle aged men.

People from the Nutrition Industry insist that milk consumption is important to avoid Osteoporosis, when the truth is exactly opposite. Milk and other Animal products are a major cause of Osteoporosis.

According to Dr John McDougall M.D and author of the bestselling book 'The McDougall Program', milk is very acidic and Osteoporosis does not result from too little Calcium, but rather primarily from too much milk and other animal food derived acids that rob the body of Calcium and weaken the bones.

In his words, “There is plenty of Calcium in all plant foods to meet the needs of children and adults.”

He is absolutely right about that..... The most Calcium rich foods are Spinach, Sesame seeds, Almonds, Broccoli, Cabbage and other Leafy vegetables. What's more, all Fresh Fruits, Beans and Grains have Calcium too.

Lactating mothers are urged to drink lots of milk to produce more milk themselves.

Which does not make sense.

Where does the cow get it's Calcium from??.

Not from glasses of milk for's from grass and leaves .

Vegetarian diet is supposed to be healthy. Yet... people from Vegetarian communities in our country suffer from Diabetes, Heart trouble, Arthritis, Obesity and Kidney problems.

And why's that? The answer lies in their excessive consumption of Dairy products.

Unbelievable? Makes sense though, doesn't it?

Don't take my word for it...Read up, check the internet, talk to a Good Physician who has bothered to keep abreast of the researches conducted in this field.

At the very least he will say it is not harmful to cut down on a product that is so high in Cholesterol and so low in Fiber !!


dream a dream, live a life said...

Oh WOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am totally lactose intolerant. But no matter what they say, ice cream eating will not be compromised, hahaha! even if it's now in the form of frozen yogurt.

By the way, milk is being consumed for centuries would think humans have evolved to digest milk and it's family.

Plus yogurt is definitely beneficial. 100%

Amrita said...

No.Yogurt may be more digestible than milk but it comes with the same problems.

Milk is being consumed for centuries now and we have had diseases for centuries too..Plus, earlier humans consumed fresh,raw milk and not the DEAD pasteurized kind that we do now.

If you are lactose intolerant look for other options like Soy milk ice-cream or Sorbets :0)